Alcohol and Substance Addiction Treatment Center

AMATEM It is the abbreviation given to alcohol and substance addiction treatment centers. AMATEM centers and hospitals serve people with addiction problems. It is an addiction treatment center with a humanistic approach that applies ethical and scientific methods.

- What is Addiction?

-The person's physical and mental health, family and work life at a level that will affect alcohol or substance consumption; It is a lifelong disease that is determined by the inability to stop the desire to take alcohol or drugs. Addiction is a disorder that results from repeated use of drugs or stimulants.

- Who can apply? Anyone who thinks they are addicted to AMATEM and uses alcohol and substances can apply. Family relatives can apply for information. It is not necessary to be addicted. Anyone who uses alcohol or drugs can apply for information.

- We provide services to our alcohol and substance addicted patients by applying different activities in the company of our psychologists and psychiatrists.