About the Clinic

*The Internal Medicine Department is the first application and solution department for all complaints of the adult patient group, as well as examines the internal organ systems of individuals who have passed the childhood. In addition to this, every individual to whom he/she provides health services is informed about the measures to be taken to protect himself/herself from diseases.

informs and guides.


* Internal diseases (Internal Medicine) department is a department that you should apply for problems such as diabetes, liver diseases, kidney diseases, blood diseases, digestive system (stomach and intestines) diseases, infectious diseases, respiratory system diseases, hormonal diseases and obesity. In parallel with scientific and technological developments, Internal Medicine (Internal Medicine) department is divided into many sub-branches within itself, but it is necessary to distinguish which of these departments is related to the complaints of the patient, to evaluate the patient as a whole and to diagnose the patient, first of all, the patient should be seen by a general internal medicine specialist.


*Internal medicine, which is popularly called internal diseases, acts as a guide for those who have health problems because it is a comprehensive science. The examinations are usually initiated by this clinic and diagnosed, depending on the condition of the disease, either the unit is treated or the patient is referred to a higher branch.


* We work in coordination with our radiology and biochemistry specialists in the diagnosis of the disease and with General Surgery and other surgical branches in cases that require surgical intervention.