About the Clinic

   Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (FTR) is a branch of science that basically applies the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal diseases.

   It is a unit consisting of experienced specialist physicians and physiotherapists that restores people who have lost movement and function due to illness or injury. Physiotherapists create personalized treatment plans by determining the individual needs, abilities and goals of the patients. Physiotherapists work closely with physiotherapists during the implementation of the treatment plan.

    At the same time, it applies rehabilitation of each system in order to maximize the physical, functional status, independence, quality of life and social participation of the person in some physiological and anatomical deficiencies of other systems other than the musculoskeletal system.

   The subjects within the scope of the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation specialization are very wide and are included in the diagnosis and treatment in many areas from rheumatic diseases to orthopedic / neurological / pediatric rehabilitation, from chronic pain to immobilization, from cardiopulmonary rehabilitation to sports rehabilitation, from amputation rehabilitation to pelvic organ dysfunction.

-Treatment of neck, back and waist pains, neck and waist hernias and joint arthrosis

-Treatment of pain in shoulder, arm and leg joints

-Treatment of rheumatic diseases

Diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis disease

-Therapeutic and preventive rehabilitation treatments in order to return the athlete to sports as soon as possible after a sports injury.

-Orthopedic diseases (especially fractures and dislocations, knee meniscus and ligament diseases) and

Rehabilitation treatment applications before and after orthopedic operations such as arthroplasty

-Rehabilitation applications after hand surgery

- Rehabilitation of paralysis in arms and legs caused by stroke, brain damage and spinal cord injuries

-Physical therapy and rehabilitation applications after peripheral nerve injuries and facial palsy

-Magnetic field therapy for pain