About the Clinic

*Surgery is one of the oldest branches of medicine and is based on the principle of surgical repair of diseases, injuries and structural defects in the body that cannot be cured by drugs or other treatment methods, or the natural and appropriate transformation of the diseased organ by cutting out.


*While it was the area where all interventions and surgeries were performed under the name of "External" in the past, General Surgery, which gave birth to many surgical branches as a result of the development of medicine, is today a branch of surgical medicine that deals with certain regions and diseases.


*The Department of General Surgery is a department that aims to respond to all surgical operations by using the latest medical technology. The Department of General Surgery, which has determined to provide patient-oriented, friendly, qualified and reliable service as its mission; By using modern techniques, minimally invasive (Laparoscopic) surgery and emergency surgical applications are performed.


What diseases does the Department of General Surgery treat?

    Goiter and other thyroid gland diseases surgery

    Breast diseases and current surgery (sentinel lymph node biopsy)

    Hemorrhoids and other anal region diseases

    Varicose veins, surgeries and sclerotherapy

    All masses under the skin and under the skin


    Pilonidal Sinus (ring hair)

    Liver, Gallbladder, Spleen and Pancreas diseases and surgery

    Mass and cystic formations on the scalp